Before I started building websites FTP was one of those terms that I heard but never understood. In fact, I initially hoped I could run an on-line business without ever needing to build a website just so I didn’t have to deal with things like FTP  :) Well, I found out the hard way I… Read more

A friend told me the other day that although he read all my articles he didn’t understand any of them.  Not one. Which gave me an idea … Why not set up a new category and write a bunch of articles for people who are absolutely, completely new to the web (and possibly a bit… Read more

I’m just on the point of launching my web site services business, so this post from Eric at Web Services and Tools caught my eye. Given that one of the services I’ll be offering is website design I figured it would be a good move to make sure my own sites were properly designed, and… Read more

Why would you want to build a variable-width website? Because the range of screen widths on which people browse the internet now ranges from around 12 inches to twice that size. And if you choose to view your computer through your TV you could be viewing web pages on screens many times bigger than people… Read more