Articles on Setting Up and Using WordPress Blogs

The articles listed below cover tips and techniques on setting up and using WordPress as the platform for your website. Click the headline to read the full article.

How to Fix WordPress Problems – a Troubleshooting Guide

Errors that arise after updating something You updated a plugin, or a theme, or WordPress itself and suddenly something goes wrong – sound familiar? “…Why can’t I update my posts anymore..?” “…Why am I getting these warning messages..?” “…Why has the layout on the front of my site changed..?” The steps in this guide will… Read more

How to Move Your WordPress Site to a New Server

How do I move my WordPress site to a new server? I’ve set out two processes below:Migrating a site using BackupBuddy (strongly recommended)Migrating a site manually Migrate a WordPress website with BackupBuddy Without question, I recommend using BackupBuddy to migrate a WordPress website to a new server (and domain, if necessary). If you’re not familiar… Read more

Why and How to Use H Tags

Why should you make use of the H tags in blog posts? Because they highlight a roadmap through your article. They also bring a lot of SEO benefits. People skim read articles online, and if your article is just a load of unbroken text you’ll lose them before the 4th line. Reading unbroken text on… Read more

3 Things to Look Out For With WordPress 1-Click Installs

The 1-click installation service offered by most hosting providers for various applications is wonderful. In particular, it’s opened up self-hosted WordPress blogging to a whole tribe of people who might have balked at the manual installation. But there are some things to keep in mind. And please don’t take these as criticisms – they’re not… Read more