Articles on WordPress Plugins

The articles listed below cover reviews of various WordPress plugins, how to make the best use of them and why you should not use too many. Click the headline to read the full article.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website

There are currently more than 55,000 plugins available in the WordPress repository and many thousands more that are ‘Premium’ (paid for) and don’t appear in the repository. With such a huge number available it is inevitable that there will be big variations in the quality of their coding. And badly coded plugins will slow down… Read more

CleanTalk Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin Review – No CAPTCHA and No Spam

CleanTalk Anti-Spam protects you from human as well as bot spammers on contact forms as well as posts I have reviewed the WordPress plugin here, but to see the range of platforms, forums and other implementations that CleanTalk Anti-Spam protects click here and scroll to the ‘Anti Spam Plugins’ section about half way down the… Read more

How to Move Your WordPress Website to a New Hosting Provider

If you’ve been running a website for any length of time you’ve probably had occasion to become dissatisfied with your hosting provider and thought about moving to another. That’s happened to me 3 times in the past 10 years. In the first case it was because the hosting provider I used did not support SFTP… Read more

WPML WordPress Multi-Lingual Translation Plugin – a Professional Quality Translation System

Summary (full details below): Product name:WPML WordPress Multilingual Plugin What it does:Enables you to create a professional multilingual WordPress website. Best quality translations, it brings probably the highest level of efficiency to managing multilingual WordPress websites – full details below Rating:4.99/5.00 Where to buy:WPML Price:From USD29.00, with other options DisclosurePlease assume any links on this… Read more

How to Create a Multi-Lingual Website with WordPress

I wrote about how to create a dual language static HTML website earlier. This time I’ll go through the process if you’re building your site on WordPress. Multi-Lingual Websites on WordPress With WordPress you have 3 options for creating a dual- or multi-language website: 1. First option – two languages on the same page The… Read more

Your Backup Folder Might be Visible to the Public

One of the WordPress plugins I use and really like is WP-DBManager. For some reason, though, when you activate it for the first time you will see a red warning across the top of all your WordPress admin screens that tells you your backup folder might be visible to the public. This can be a… Read more

How to Move Your WordPress Site to a New Server

How do I move my WordPress site to a new server? I’ve set out two processes below:Migrating a site using BackupBuddy (strongly recommended)Migrating a site manually Migrate a WordPress website with BackupBuddy Without question, I recommend using BackupBuddy to migrate a WordPress website to a new server (and domain, if necessary). If you’re not familiar… Read more

Best Ways to Back Up WordPress and Why You Should Back it up Regularly

As the hackers get better and more numerous, it only makes sense to have full backups of your WordPress sites. Once your site has been compromised it will quickly be removed from the search engines’ indices and your search traffic will be wiped out. If you’re dependent on search traffic this will be a killer… Read more

How to Set Up The Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

The search engines need a sitemap to enable them to find and index all the pages on your site. On large, complex website, a sitemap shows them where to go to find the deepest pages. Firstly, why would you want to install the Google XML Sitemaps Plugin? Because it’s a well-established, reliable and highly functional… Read more