I stumbled across a great way to naturally increase high quality back links to my blog yesterday: the Related Websites Plugin from Blog Traffic Exchange. Increasing back links has always been labour intensive, even when using those commenting tools that search out related blogs based on keywords you put in. You still have to check… Read more

Update – 19th July, 2012. This article is pretty dated now, so you may want to take a look at my most recent article on plugins: Core plugins for any WordPress site. Original article starts here: I follow questions about Wordpress on Twitter, and one of the questions that keeps coming up is for recommendations… Read more

I’m often asked which is my favourite Wordpress plugin.  A difficult question to answer since I have 20 plugins on this site and they’re all my favourites! Each of those plugins is there for a specific (but different) reason.  And within each reason, the plugin I’ve activated is my favourite.   So it would be better… Read more

Searching on Wordpress blogs has always been one of their weaker functionalities. I’m not a techie, so I don’t understand the algorithms behind searching, but I do know that whenever I tried out the search feature on my own blogs the results were dismal. Which was probably costing me readers. So I went in search… Read more

For those of us who know they should be thanking people for commenting on our blogs but who let this discipline slip because of the sheer logistics of it, I found a great tool today: The Thank Me Later plugin. You can customise it with your own ‘from name’, ‘from email address’ and whatever message… Read more

Note: I re-read this article recently and found it needed updating, so I’ve added the update at the end. Also: please read through the comments – there are specific, step-by-step set up instructions there, more detailed than in the article itself. I got a question from a friend the other day on how to set… Read more