Articles on WordPress Security

The articles below cover different ways you can strengthen the security of your WordPress site to better protect it against hackers. Click the headline to read the full article.

How to Move WordPress to HTTPS – in Simple, Easy-to-Understand Steps

All websites I build have been set up on HTTPS, by default, for some years now. HTTPS is an absolute necessity if you’re running a shop on your site but, even without a shop, you will benefit from greater security, better performance and higher search engine rankings – Google has been giving better rankings to… Read more

What to do if Your WordPress Site is Hacked

Websites are being hacked more often every day. Not only do you owe it to yourself to take every precaution you can to keep the hackers out, you owe it to your customers, friends and everyone who visits your sites. It’s your responsibility to the web as a whole, not just protection for yourself. I’ve… Read more

Best Ways to Back Up WordPress and Why You Should Back it up Regularly

As the hackers get better and more numerous, it only makes sense to have full backups of your WordPress sites. Once your site has been compromised it will quickly be removed from the search engines’ indices and your search traffic will be wiped out. If you’re dependent on search traffic this will be a killer… Read more

What Happens When You Open an Email Containing Malware

It’s a shame that people like this can’t channel their skills into something worthwhile, instead of screwing up other people’s PC’s. A friend called me on Saturday morning because his PC had caught a Virus. Could I help him sort it out, he wanted to know. The steps we went through We met up just… Read more