The Future of Internet Marketing

What will Internet Marketing look like 10 years from now? The pace of development is accelerating all the time and it would be great to hear your views as to how you see it going in the future.

Here are some thoughts from me as a starter:


Is mobile going to be as big as everyone seems to think?

Possibly, but it will be patchy, at least for the next few years, and the characteristics of marketing on mobile devices will be very different.

Patchy because of the different stages of development in the use and acceptance of mobile facilities in different markets.

For example: In the Philippines short text messaging on mobile has been used extensively, including commercial applications, for years – whereas in the US it’s relatively new.

Some markets still have very high usage charges in their mobile industries (e.g. Canada) – this, too, will inhibit the development of marketing on mobile in those markets in the short term.

The characteristics will be very different too. If you think people are impatient when they’re browsing websites online it’s nothing compared to their impatience when using mobiles!

Marketing on mobile will need to be super targeted and super short – 140 characters or less.

Luckily, however, mobile provides the option of location based targeting (timed to the minute), so that may enter the mix too.

And if location based targeting were to be linked with preferences and interests logged on a social site, this could become a really valuable service, hugely helping buyers to find what they want, when they want it.

As an Internet Marketer how do you see yourself making use of mobile in the future?

Social Networking

To many this is not new, but to many it is.

I’m constantly amazed by the comments I often see in forums that talk about Social Network Marketing being ‘the next big thing’ or ‘the marketing channel of the future’.

It’s already here, and has been for some time! So how’s it going to change over the next 5 years?

My guess is that social sites may become more targeted. For example: there may be a Digg equivalent for doctors, and for artists, and for musicians – each of which has the same level of influence in their respective industries that Digg has today.

This will provide tremendous opportunities for marketers.

I think privacy will become ever more important. Facebook has had a few well publicised problems with privacy (not that it appears to have affected its popularity) but still, people will become more protective of their privacy while still looking for the social interactivity they get today.

Allied to privacy is the question of spam. The more active you are online the more chances people have of getting hold of your contact details. I get less spam today than I did 5 years ago, but I’m also seriously less tolerant of it.

And if people start spamming mobile devices the level of annoyance will increase fast.

So we have to find an effective way of killing spam.  If we don’t, it will kill the effectiveness of new marketing channels.

Email Marketing

What about email marketing and the challenge to it from RSS..?

My view is that email marketing still has a long life ahead of it. RSS hasn’t made the inroads to the mass market that many thought it would. Even today, when I’m subscribing to someone’s RSS feed I’ll always take the email option.

People who are not into all the online stuff still don’t get RSS, but will they in 5 years time..?

If the concept of charging per email gets off the ground that will dramatically change the picture.

For a start that would kill spam. Maybe it would also be the boost RSS needs to get it over the hump?

Those are just some initial thoughts – more next time.

What do you think Internet Marketing will look like in 5 – 10 years?

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Martin Malden

What do you think?

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  • Eric May 21, 2008 @ 12:52

    Very well presented. It will be interesting to visit this post in a few years and see how things play out.

  • WealthyDragon May 21, 2008 @ 15:35

    Thanks Dude – it sure will..!



  • Terence May 25, 2008 @ 6:59

    Spam is a serious problem for me just lately and I have even had spam sent to me from using on of my own website email addresses. How bad is that?

    In the long term I think internet marketing will reach a level of sophistication that will leave many newcomers floundering. There will still be opportunities but the game seems to be getting harder already.

    I even think the behemoth called Google will have serious competition by then.

  • WealthyDragon May 25, 2008 @ 9:03

    Terence, hi,

    I agree on the spam – it does seem to have taken a turn for the worse recently.

    Wouldn’t it be great to see Google brought down to earth..!?



  • Asif Anwar Jun 16, 2008 @ 13:34

    Thanks for referring to my article “13 Prophecies of Internet Marketing” (Original article removed).

    I believe that Internet Marketing will morph according to technology. The future technology will be more user-friendly and more target oriented. i.e. you’ll never get adverts that you don’t have interest in.

    Social Media has evolved as a new media for communication and interaction. I believe it will grow astronomically to provide communication support that will surpass the utility of email communication. But, I guess time has come for email service providers to go beyond the classical email service.

    To reduce spams, one thing that email service providers can immediately implement is the permission-based email reading. You can allow permission to someone to send further mails to you. It’s as same as allowing the graphics to load in your email. Otherwise, you will see only Subject Header and Sender Information. That will create a touch of Social Media in email. If you don’t want email from a specific address, then you can block it like you block calls from specific mobile phones through your mobile operator.

    Getting people use to RSS will be tough. Personally, I prefer RSS feeds as email. Because, I like to get all things in one place. But, that’s a thing that email service providers can think about adding, i.e. another value added item. Then you would not need the permission I was talking about for newsletters. Well, I believe there would be feed spamming. But, I haven’t seen that yet, only exception is feed advertisement.

    The mobile technology is changing very fast. It already created stir in the densely populated countries. Being one of the most densely populated country in the world, Bangladesh is enjoying the lowest call rate. But, for low utilization of mobile networking devices in low dense populated locations, the call rates are very high. Because, maintenance cost for mobile networking devices are high fixed cost and increase in the utilization rate decrease usage cost.

    Technologies like WiFi, WiMax, and BlueTooth I believe will change the way you think about mobile phones. We might not be using mobile phones anymore to communicate. Rather, we will be using WiFi, WiMax, and BlueTooth Handhelds for communication.

  • WealthyDragon Jun 16, 2008 @ 15:49

    Hi Asif,

    Thanks for your thoughts..!

    I do agree with a lot of what you say – in particular re RSS. That’s a technology that the majority of people have never come to grips with and, unless someone gives it a complete makeover that moves it out of the ‘Geek’ domain into the ‘Regular Guy’s’ domain it, won’t go anywhere.

    However – that’s definitely not beyond the bounds of possibility! As you say – technology is becoming ever more user friendly and, from a pure message delivery perspective, RSS has a lot of advantages.

    It may only take someone to make it much more user friendly for it to take hold and become much more widely used.

    Thanks again for chipping in..!