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I’m Switching From Twitter to Facebook

Facebook LogoIf you dropped into this site around a year ago you’ll have read that I was a big fan of Twitter for attracting readers.

But over the past year my love for Twitter has withered.


Firstly: The search function no is longer as effective as it was.

I used to search for people asking questions about WordPress, but these days the results often don’t even contain the word ‘WordPress’!

Secondly: The efficiency with which I’m able to use Twitter is therefore a lot less than it was.

There’s a lot of information flying around on Twitter and if you can’t filter it effectively it becomes a pretty inefficient way of finding the stuff you need.

For sometime I’ve known that I should be exploring Facebook as an alternative. But, frankly, I find Facebook to be one of the least intuitive systems I know!

None-the-less, a recent article by Darren Rowse on how to set up a Facebook page, which followed one on how he’s now driving traffic with Facebook have shamed me into action.

And I now have a Facebook page for this site.

It’s a brand new page – set up yesterday – and I’ve got about 2 Likes so far. So if you happen to hop over there feel absolutely free to ‘Like’ it too! 🙂

And if you have a Facebook page leave us its URL in a comment so we can reciprocate.


Martin Malden

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