What Would You do if Your Website was Hacked Tonight?

The complete solution to backing up, restoring or moving entire WordPress websites.

  • Back up your entire site: all files and folders, not just the database
  • Easily restore your site with just a few clicks
  • Easily migrate your entire website from one server and domain to another
  • Set schedules for automatic backups
  • Automatically export your backups to another server, cloud based storage or email them to yourself
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How much would you lose if your website was hacked tonight?

Easily back up your entire WordPress siteFor me it would be around 350 articles, 17 valuable (money earning) pages and more than 5 years of work.

Not something I even want to contemplate.

Sadly, hacking is one of the few growth industries around at the moment. And the hackers don’t care whether your site is large or small, popular or not.

They just want as many sites as possible under their control for their own nefarious reasons.

And if your website is making you some money you risk losing that entire income stream, unless you’re properly protected.

The first step in protecting your business

The first step in protecting your business if your website were to be hacked is to have a solid, reliable website backup routine.

Your entire site, not just your database.

To fail to back up is to risk losing years of work, not to mention the income stream or new business your site is bringing you.

And the tool I’ve used to back up all my sites, and my clients’ sites, since mid-2010 is BackupBuddy. I install it by default on every site I build. Click here for the details.

You think your site is secure?

Breaking and entering.No site can ever be totally secure. If someone wants to hack into your site badly enough they will, eventually, get in.

All that matters then is how quickly you can be back in business.

The quickest, cheapest and most thorough way of cleaning up a hacked site is to delete everything (the whole site) and restore it from a clean backup.

However, many of the WordPress backup plugins only back up your database.

And, while this is a lot better than no backup at all, you would still have to create a new database, re-install WordPress, rebuild your site, re-install your theme, re-install your plugins, and then import your backed up database.

But what if all you had to do was create a new database in cPanel, upload a zip file and a PHP script to your server, and click a few buttons?

That’s all I have to do and it’s fantastic!

Not just backups, migrations too

Packing up your website and taking it to a new siteThe BackupBuddy plugin from iThemes not only handles backups, it enables you to migrate entire sites from one server and domain to another.

Want to change your hosting provider but the thought of trying to move your site is putting you off?

BackupBuddy will do it for you – in a few clicks.

Build sites for clients and then have to move the site to the live domain?

BackupBuddy has you covered.

I cannot tell you how many hours BackupBuddy has saved me when I build new sites for my customers.

It enables me to do in 20 minutes what used to take me anywhere up to 3 hours, depending on the number of plugins that need to be installed and configured.

Here’s what’s involved:

  1. Take a full backup of the site you want to move
  2. Download the backup file to your computer
  3. Download the BackupBuddy restore script to your computer
  4. Set up a new database on the site you’re moving to
  5. Upload the backup file and the restore script to the new site
  6. Navigate to the restore script in your browser (www.newsite.com/importbuddy.php)
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions (click ‘next step’ 6 times!)
  8. You’re done

That’s literally all there is to it.

My backup routine

Like all good backup plugins, BackupBuddy enables you to set schedules for automated backups and it will export your backups to Amazon S3, Cloudfiles, DropBox or Rackspace, FTP them to another server or email them to you.

I use a combination of automated backups and manual backups, the latter of which I do immediately after making any changes to the site.

I store all my backups on both my local computer and external storage. So if the hackers get into my site all I need to do is delete the whole thing, create a new database in cPanel, upload the latest backup and the PHP import script to my server, navigate to the import script and click a few buttons.

In all it takes me less than 20 minutes to clean everything up and be back in business.

Take a look at BackupBuddy here – it is a paid plugin (and that is an affiliate link) but it’s worth every penny. I wouldn’t be without it.


Martin Malden.