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What Makes a Good Blog

Thumbs Up!I read two different articles today, both of which (essentially) addressed the question of what makes a good blog.

The answer is, I think, as long as a piece of string because it depends entirely on what your blog is about and what the goal for it is.

If you’re creating a resource for people and you’re going for search traffic, the characteristics would be very different from one where you’re writing about a celebrity.

The first would have a high bounce rate because people looking for an answer would find your site through the search engines, read your solution and leave. It would also probably have very few comments.

The second would be exactly the opposite.

It would have a high number of subscribers, a devoted following (fans of the celebrity) and a high number of comments.

Personally, my view of a successful blog (and where I position this site) is much closer to the first model.

And this article on CopyBlogger takes a similar view – particularly in the first section where Tracy Feit Love and Rudy Nelson talk about solving one problem per article.

There are lots of people who go on line to find solutions to problems. I do it all the time. It’s usually when I’m in the middle of something and I need to check a fact.

That’s when I’ll hop online, do a search (impatiently!) and, the minute I find my answer, I’ll get back to what I was doing.

Blogs positioned this way provide a valuable resource but don’t get many comments.

But, each to their own, because in this article on ProBlogger the Blog Tyrant explains 3 things that will make him leave a blog in 3 seconds flat, never to return.

And the first is a blog with no (or very few) comments.

Now I’ve read some excellent blogs, well written and with valuable information, but with very few comments.

And I’ve also read some blogs with lots of comments that were poorly written and to which I’ll never return!

So that’s not a criterion I’d apply – I’d risk missing too many good blogs.

Whatever it is that makes a blog good is, therefore, entirely subjective.

And blogs that you like to read may have entirely different goals (and different measures of success) than ones that you write.

But as long as you have a goal for your blog, and can demonstrate that you’ve either achieved it or are on track to, then you’re doing OK.

To you, and the readers you’re targetting, your blog is good.


Martin Malden

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