When to Fire Your Customer

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I recently turned down additional business and fired a client. Why? Because the business relationship was causing me serious stress, which I do not need.

Once you’ve been in business for a while you will come across them: the customer who is impossible to satisfy, rude or who takes ridiculous advantage of your desire to provide a good service.

Here’s an example from some time ago: I had had a meeting with a prospect, as a result of which I produced a quotation for developing a website that met their requirements.

Then they saw on my website that I was offering website packages, so they called me up and said they wanted to take one of the packages instead of the development we had discussed (it was a lot cheaper).

It told them that was perfectly fine but that they would not get the functionality they had asked for, to which they replied ‘No problem – we’ll just start with something small’.

And they then immediately tried to turn it into the bespoke website I had quoted for initially with seemingly innocent little requests: ‘Can you just do this’, ‘can you just do that’, and so on – all within the price of the package.

That relationship ended in tears.

Firing that customer was not easy. I needed the money. But the relief I felt after terminating that relationship was absolutely worth the reduced cashflow.

If you’re just starting out on your solo business adventure you will meet customers like this, so prepare yourself now and decide how you will deal with those situations when they arise.

The negative stress that those customers cause is just not worth it.

Being able to choose my own routine, what I do, and who I do it with, is one of the greater benefits of running my own business.

This week’s links

This week I’ve linked to 5 lessons that will save you money when you first start, the sneaker resale market, the convicted felon who now runs a 7-figure coaching business and how to write effective lead generation emails.

5 lessons from a novice freelancer to avoid losing thousands in revenue

All 5 of these lessons are the same ones I have learnt over the years. Particularly the one about charging 50% in advance and not doing unpaid test projects.

Unpaid test projects is another way unscrupulous prospects like to take advantage of others.

She also gives some great model emails to use to address specific situations.

5 lessons that will save you money

Interview: the seriously valuable sneaker resale market

I had no idea there was such a strong sneaker culture and that it would lead to a highly valuable market sector. It just goes to prove that there are opportunities in the most unlikely (for me!) of spaces.

The billion-dollar sneaker resale market

How a convicted felon turned his experiences into a 7-figure coaching business

This is a compelling read even if you don’t want to start a coaching business.

In this interview Lewis Raymond Taylor describes how he was both mentally and physically abused, attempted suicide, was arrested and jailed multiple times and finally attended a rehabilitation program.

That was a turning point that led to the global 7-figure coaching business he now runs.

How Lewis Raymond Taylor developed his 7-figure coaching business

How to write effective lead generation emails

Email marketing has remained the most effective online marketing channel almost since its inception.

But when email marketing is mentioned many think ‘spam’, so what’s the difference?

This article defines the difference and provides 11 examples of ways to approach B2B prospects with a cold-email-marketing program.

Although this article focuses on B2B email marketing, the principles are true for any sector.

How to write effective lead generation emails

Fun flashback

‘A Day in the Life’ was on the Beatles landmark album Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Pepper was one of the first ‘concept albums’ and it was recorded on a 4-track system – astounding when you think of the music and effects it contains.

This version of A Day in the Life has been arranged by Sam Haug and is performed by a choir and orchestra.

Whether or not you know the song, it is definitely worth a listen:

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