How to Write Your About Page

When I first set up this blog I had no idea how to write my ‘About’ page.

Writing about yourself is difficult, anyway, but when you don’t understand how to best use the page it’s ten times worse.

So I wrote something that set out my life story – after all, the page was supposed to be about me, right?


If you’re writing a blog for a business, or if the blog is your business, it’s about your customers, not you.

So your ‘About’ page should be about what your site can do for your visitors (or customers).

As this blog has matured I’ve looked at each page and post, and tried to make sure that each meets one of two objectives:

  1. Turns first time visitors into regular visitors
  2. Earns me some money.

And my attention recently turned to my (long neglected) ‘About’ page.

As it was originally written it stated the obvious (how to use the blog – these days everyone knows how to do that) and meandered through my life story.

It was the longest page on the site, and it did not have an objective.

Then I remembered a tweet from Brian Clark (@copyblogger) that rang true for me. This is what it said:

“Go watch successful bloggers and see what they do, not what they say. Then do that in a way that works for you.”

So I went and had a look at the About page on Copyblogger.

You’ll see that it falls into 2 parts: the first is about how Copyblogger can help you write better copy and the second is about how it can help you write better headlines.

And it has 2 calls to action on it – or, rather, the same call to action twice: opt in to get the Copywriting 101 free eBook.

So, taking this format and keeping in mind the tweet from Brian I referred to earlier, I recently set about modifying my own About page.

And now it:

  • Sets out what the site can do for visitors
  • Contains two calls to action (sign up to my newsletter)
  • Introduces me (briefly!)

Its objective is to build my email list, by making clear how my newsletter will benefit the over 50s.

I don’t yet know how successful these changes will be, because I’ve only just made them, but I have started receiving new email subscribers through that page.

So it’s more productive than it was before!


Martin Malden

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