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It doesn’t matter what your corporate job is, I’m prepared to bet that you have skills you could turn into your own business.

You probably take them for granted, so you overlook them, but they’re there.

You know MS Office? Great, you can offer your services as a designer and producer of documents – resumes, Excel macros or PowerPoint presentations for example.

You work in Finance? Great you can offer book-keeping services.

You work in transportation? You could start a delivery service.

You’re an airline pilot? You have great problem-solving skills

You get the picture. All you need to do is take an inventory of your skills, and it often helps if you brainstorm these with your partner or a friend.

Once you’ve inventoried your skills, Fiverr, Upwork and similar sites are great places to pick up gigs.

And you can use the experience of delivering projects via one of those sites to hone your sales and customer management skills for your own business.

This week I’ve linked to a landscape architect and a real estate professional who each turned their skills into 7-figure businesses using the experience and knowledge that they had accumulated in their employment.

I’ve also covered why keeping things simple can be highly profitable and how to find the money to start an online business without borrowing a cent.

This landscape architect runs two businesses, making 7-figures, on the side

Andy Humphrey loves garden sprinklers. He’s also an irrigation consultant.

His love and knowledge of sprinklers prompted him to start a business on the side selling sprinkler parts.

He also sells bags for storing artificial Christmas trees.

And he’s still an irrigation consultant.

Read how he got started, and why he runs these businesses on the side, alongside his ‘day job’.

Running 2 businesses making 7-figures on the side

How this real estate professional started his 7-figure business after being made redundant

Barry Freeder had a career in corporate real estate, managing the relationships between landlords and tenants.

But then his employer sold the portfolio of properties he was managing, and so blitzed his job.

Always fascinated by designing things, Freeder used the impetus of being made redundant to set up his own business designing a weighted silicon cup holder.

Read how he has turned that into a business that will likely make US$1 million in his 2020 financial year.

Made redundant he started a 7-figure business of his own

How creating simpler, smaller products leads to greater success

Kris Faraldo has been involved with the site ‘IttyBiz’ since the mid noughties and had been part of producing products (training courses, mostly) that were comprehensive, detailed and huge – one involved nearly 500,000 words.

They brought in good money, but when measured against the time taken to produce them it was questionable how ‘profitable’ they were.

It’s easy to fall in to the trap of feeling you have to produce something big and complex in order to deliver ‘value’, but people these days want something that is simple, quick and actionable.

Simple, quick and actionable is also a lot quicker and simpler to produce and maintain.

Here’s her account of how cutting back on the size and complexity of their training products improved the profitability of the business.

Why you should make simple products

How to find the money to get your online business off the ground

So you’d love to start an online business but you have no money?

This 15-minute podcast from Shane Sams describes how he and his wife were living pay-cheque to pay-cheque and thought they had no money to start the online business they wanted.

He goes through how they found the money to get started and offers 3 ways you can come up with more money – without borrowing a cent.

Even if you’d just like some more disposable cash each month, these are great tips to get that.

How to find more money without borrowing a cent

Fun flashback

The Beach Boys were at their peak in the mid- to late-60s – about the same time as the Beatles.

I remember a hospital request programme on the radio when I grew up in which the last section was always devoted to people requesting one of the popular songs of the day – and the Beach Boys featured regularly, of course.

I was at boarding school at the time and, as soon as class was released for lunch, we used to run back to the dormitories just so we could listen to whatever song was played in that last section.

Here are the Beach Boys, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and one of the songs we used to rush back to listen to: ‘Fun, fun, fun’:

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